Cursos Gedcom

Todos los cursos realizados por GEDCOM en diferentes empresas e instituciones

  • Revit Básico e Intermedio 09/12/13.
  • Revit Básico e Intermedio 08/03/14.
  • Revit Básico e Intermedio y Lumion 01/07/14.
  • Revit Básico e Intermedio y Lumion 08/12/14.
  • Revit BIM 14/02/15.
  • Dynamo fundamentos para Revit 25/01/19.
  • Live BIM the FAQ 20/06/20.
  • Issue coordination with BIM Collab apply to projects 14/01/21.
  • Best Practices for Revit Worksharing and Sharing process 17/02/22.
  • Best Practices of Comunity Strategy on MS Teams for Construction Sector 21/02/22.
  • Best Practices of Working in Collaborative files in Revit 13/04/22.
  • Automation of Fire Alarm Protection Schema 19/05/22.
  • Revit Essentials for Structural Engineers 08/06/22.
  • How we can save time with Standardization and Dynamo 24/06/22.
  • Best Practices to Starting an Electrical Project with Revit 05/07/22.
  • Automation of IT Network Schema 26/08/22.

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