Bad Monkeys | AECtech 2021 NYC

Revit API. Journey From Beginner to Master in One Course Bad Monkeys | We will go from start to finish in setting up a Revit API project. There is a little bit of a boiler plate at the beginning, as we will learn some basics on how to setup entry classes for Revit API plugins. After that, we will dive into more advanced concepts, talk about event handlers, and External Events for Revit. We will also do a quick dive into WPF and setting up UIs using that framework. We will discuss maintaining support for multiple Revit versions as well as storing projects in GitHub to allow for multi-person collaboration. It will be fun! Masterclass Presenters Konrad Sobon | Co Founder Learn more about AECtech events at: © 2021 CORE studio at Thornton Tomasetti


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